Children's Courses

All our learning activities and materials are designed so that your children get the most out of their lessons. The curriculum, split into three levels, uses carefully selected vocabulary, grammar and pictures to keep them entertained and eager to learn more. Step-by-step we can build up your children’s confidence, develop fluency, and have fun too!

Level 1: Beginner Chinese for Children
In this level, your children will get acquainted with the Chinese language environment and recognise pinyin which is the basis for all future learning. At the end of this level, Children are expected to master about 200 Chinese words and simple phrases.

Level 2: Intermediate Chinese for Children
In this level, your children will learn topics such as directions, time, seasons, likes/dislikes, countries, and so on. They are expected to master 400 Chinese words and phrases.

Level 3: Advanced Chinese for Children
In this level, with an increased vocabulary, your children will learn to exchange their opinions with native Chinese speakers on common topics or any topics they are interested in. They are expected to master 600 words and phrases.

Tailor-made Chinese for Children
We recognise that you may have your own special circumstances and objectives that requires a customised approach to teaching. We can work with you to develop a learning plan that best suits your needs.